HiGh Vibe


High Vibe is a tech social enterprise where we create technology solutions for social good. Our first product is called "Safe Space" which is an early intervention counselling app that connect users to counsellors for online and offline counselling services. We built our own AI chatbot, "Skye", to match users to counsellors in real-time.

Introduce yourself

I'm Antoinette. I've been a digital advertising native for 10 years and been in various teams, from operations to business development.

After making numerous brands successful and getting effective return-of-investment (ROI), I'd like to use my existing skill set for a more meaningful purpose and to drive social impact.

What inspired your business idea?

I’ve been an advocate of ending the mental health stigma in Singapore for over 5 years. With nearly 10 years of experience in the advertising industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand how devastating the effects of stress can be, especially when a person doesn’t have anyone they can turn to. Most options for therapy were either too expensive or not time-convenient. My hope is that my first product, the Safe Space app, helps users get the help they need quickly and affordably.   

What makes your business unique?

Our products are primarily meant for social good.

For the Safe Space app, we are first-to-market to offer online AND offline counselling services in that uses an AI chatbot for matching.

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