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The CRIB Angels Club is an exclusive by-referral and by-invite only network of investors. Members gain unique access to up-and-coming CRIB member businesses, and may invest in them if they choose to do so. Angels are invited to CRIB Match events where Cs pitch their businesses to As and Bs as they seek partners and funding.

The CRIB Angels Club is a community of like-minded individuals seeking suitable investment

opportunities and networking opportunities. CRIB organises regular Angels Club gatherings and extends to members exclusive event invitations for Angels to meet and get to know one another.


CRIB ABC Entrepreneur Profiles

A key component of CRIB Match is helping you identify your entrepreneurial strengths, before matching you with potential partners and collaborators. We believe successful business teams comprise three main entrepreneur types, which can be profiled through our proprietary ABC entrepreneur assessment tool:




Angels (As) are resourceful investors with the right finances and networks to give new ventures a boost. They are a crucial resource, particularly for women-led businesses. CRIB members who are profiled as As can apply to join the CRIB Angels Club.




Business Managers

Business Managers (Bs) make things happen with strong management, organization and execution skills. They are especially important for small businesses, which require leaders with a good understanding of business functions, planning and control over daily operations.


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Creatives (Cs) are bursting with ideas, inspire creative thinking and enjoy finding creative solutions to challenges. Creative business founders turn vision into reality, by building successful businesses based on truly innovative ideas. For Cs, the challenge is often in executing a creative idea.


Being an entrepreneur takes exceptional drive and dedication. All entrepreneurs have their strengths and weaknesses, and can benefit from partners with complementary skills, talents and personality traits. CRIB’s proprietary ABC entrepreneurs profile helps founders identify their strengths as business leaders, and connects As, Bs and Cs so they can form successful business teams to scale and develop successful businesses.

Take the Quiz below to learn which entrepreneurial type you are. 


How to join CRIB Angels Club

The CRIB Angels Club welcomes members by referral. Members should have an interest in supporting women entrepreneurs, and should have the resources to fund and provide strategic counsel and opportunities for them. Angel investors or VCs who are interested in investing in women-led businesses may be nominated as members. Please write in to for more information on our selection process.

Upon evaluation, the CRIB team will send an official membership invitation to all newly-selected members of the CRIB Angels Club. Angels are encouraged to join as CRIB Society members as well.  

Please check for more information.


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