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The CRIB Angels Club is an exclusive network of investors with a particular interest in supporting women entrepreneurs.

At CRIB, we aim to help women entrepreneurs create viable and scalable businesses. We believe a successful team requires Angels (As) with the right finances and networks to give new ventures a boost; Business Managers (Bs) with strong management, organization and execution skills; and Creatives (Cs) who thrive on finding creative solutions to challenges.

Angels are particularly important for women-led businesses. Research shows that women-led businesses start with just 64 per cent of the capital male-led firms start with. Furthermore, they are less likely to secure external financing - such as loans, angel investment and venture capital - over the life of their business. The reasons for this include gender-based preferences, lack of confidence, and typical business or gender biases.

The CRIB Angels Club was formed to provide a safe fundraising platform for entrepreneurs, and to give investors an opportunity to invest in promising ventures. All CRIB Angels will be invited to preview and evaluate the most promising businesses at CRIB Match, where Cs pitch to a curated group of As and Bs to secure partners and funding. There is no obligation to invest.

Admission into the CRIB Angels Club is by invitation only. CRIB welcomes referrals for individuals who wish to support women entrepreneurs, and are able to fund a business and provide strategic partnership. Our Angels - all CRIB members themselves - will receive exclusive invitations to member events, Angels Club gatherings and other exclusive events.