Craft Gins Co

At Craft Gins Co, we carefully curate our gins and pride ourselves by featuring only quality gins that have undergone a stringent distillation process, infused with bold botanicals to deliver a floral, spicy, or fruity finish. The range of gins that you will get to experience are of different natures, from floral to fruity, spicy, woody, etc. They are infused from anywhere from 20-40 botanicals such as butterfly pea, eucalyptus, kaffir lime, yuzu, and cherry blossom.

We provide monthly gin appreciation nights, private gin bar, pairings and tastings with only the finest and bespoke craft gins from around the world. If you'd love a regular selection of gins, we offer a premium gin subscription of a selected 2 - 4 craft, small-batch gins monthly, paired with quality tonic from Fever Tree. 

Introduce yourself 

I’m a huge outdoors person and enjoy playing tennis on weekends. If I’m indoors, it’s probably because I’m enjoying a good ole gin and tonic. I’ve a huge passion for entrepreneurship and I currently run two businesses, a craft gins importer and an adventure retreat company. Feel free to drop me a line anytime!

What inspired your business idea?

A love and passion for gins having tried more than 250 types of gin. 

What makes your business unique?

We are Singapore’s first gin only importer that only imports high quality craft gins from all over the world.

Bryan Wong