At ilo we believe that every single person with a period is important. We believe that celebrating your period is important and we want the world to become educated, empowered and inspired by all things period. Period.

It is our mission at ilo to create a safe and empowering place where no question is silly and no problem too small.

We believe that every person should have access to safe, non toxic period products and it’s our mission to educate not only women and girls, but men and boys to understand the female body, to celebrate their existence and to finally de-stigmatise, de-shame and de-mystify your period. We are a NON PROFIT company and 50% of our profits go to fighting period poverty, the other 50% goes to fighting plastic in the oceans. So when you buy our sanitary products you’re also saving the world.

Introduce yourself

My name is Jette and I've been living in Singapore since April 2018. I moved here with my fiancé and daughter from Dublin, Ireland. It's been such an exciting time moving to Singapore as a family and starting a business has been wonderful.

What inspired your business idea?

Quite simply, my daughter. Raising a girl in todays world with the body shaming, the diet fads and all the things we're made to feel shameful of was so petrifying. One thing I have always been so conscious of is how women and girls are made to feel ashamed by a perfectly natural body function, our periods. Mainstream sanitary products are full of known carcinogens, toxins and have been linked to fertility and hormone issues as well as endometriosis. It's really scary and I wanted a world where my daughter, Molly, didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed and had access to safe and non toxic menstrual products. So, ill was born.

What makes your business unique?

Well, number one is that we're Asias ffirst 100% organic cotton sanitary subscription service!The second is that because we're 100% organic cotton we're also 100% biodegradable and the third is we also give 50% of our profits to fighting period poverty because I believe that safe, non toxic menstrual products should be available to everyone. Did you know for example, that 1 in 15 girls cannot afford menstrual products on a regular basis? And I'm not just talking about Africa or India, I'm talking about 1st world countries. ilo's mission is threefold: to offer safe and non toxic menstrual products, to help the pollution aspect of menstrual products (did you know of 100 billion menstrual products are thrown away globally and around 5% of these can actually be recycled). to help fight period poverty, no child with their period should have to miss school because they can't afford menstrual products.

Bryan Wong