Imagine leading simplest, 100% natural & biodegradable skincare regimen that result in nurturing body and soul? And if you know exactly how all ingredients were sustainably and ethically grown and processed, ensuring the profits support the communities especially women who take charge of the production?

It is no ordinary skincare; potent and pure ingredients packed for customers to create their own personalised products - the only sustainable and ethical skincare solution.

With extensive research and wealth of experiences in cosmetic formulation, aromatherapy, perfumery and global healing modalities, our formulations are simple yet powerful to shift the perception of beauty.

-- A brief introduction:
My name is Tomoka Nguyen. I left my home country of Japan before I reached the age of 20 to study for my degree in London. Southeast Asian Studies led me to travel to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, learning the languages and their cultures in depth. I am a certified Aromatherapist, and use my professional background in, anatomy and physiology, spa cuisine, perfumery, and cosmetic formulation when creating safe and effective products in my kitchen.

-- What inspired the business idea?

My fondest memory while working in Bali. The traditional Balinese house where sarong-clad women were busy in their kitchens cooking body scrubs and massage oils. We used fresh herbs and edible ingredients, pounding and grinding the fresh mixture each day. How I was disturbed during my professional perfumery course by the amount of chemicals that went into the products. Since the early spa boom days, the industry had evolved from offering mere relaxation to focusing on total wellness, yet little were we, the spa professionals, aware of the danger of chemicals in the products. I realised that product formulation was something that we all assumed required expertise and therefore did not question. This was in 2010, and I started making my own personal care products.

-- What makes this business unique?

It is versatile and holistic, yet totally personalisable.

Bryan Wong