EventAsiaOne is a unique boutique style approach event management company that provide services to corporations or individuals who are looking for the exceptional experience from small scale to medium and large events. We provide concept, brand activations, event sponsorships, product launches, event operations management, PR & media management and overall event advisory.

-- Introduce yourself 

I am an astute, highly experienced business professional with 23 year of career in management, sales, business development, events, marketing, administration running overall operations of a department and organization. My portfolio of achievements encompasses increasing revenue generation, driving profit improvements, creative brand awareness and image building campaigns, organizing multi-level types of events and premier membership management. I am an avid independent thinker, an intellectual competitor with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, a good sense of humor and appreciation of a healthy lifestyle and sports.

-- What inspired your business idea?

I dont think anyone decides to be an entrepreneur, they simply reach to a point where they can no longer, not being an entrepreneur. Years of watching how things can be done differently in the slightest change makes me realize I needed to start my own company. 

-- What makes your business unique?

The dynamics of EventAsiaOne is we assemble your ‘A’ Team to work for your event in every aspect. You will the the top-notch designer, marketer, decorator, most creative brand analyst, proven practitioners in their field, on the very best will be working on your project.

Bryan Wong