Boheme’s collection offers unique gold plated jewellery embedded with semi-precious stones inspired by Vero’s , the founder and designer , journeys around the world. Each piece has a story to tell, it allows you to personally experience the journey as the jewellery is worn. Boheme is designed for the free spirited wanderer with a desire to be unique and versatile.

Introduce yourself

I have been travelling all over the world from an early age and lived in 6 different countries. My love for fashion started in Barcelona, 30 years ago when i was 18! where “ La movida “ was in full power with creative minds. I started designing jewellery in Thailand few years later, and have not stopped since.

What inspired your business idea?

I lived in India for 8 years. After the first year, I opened a multi- brand store featuring upcoming designers which is still opened “ La vie boheme “ ( the bohemian life ) , in Goa. I started making my own bags, clothes and jewelry lines. Upon my return to Singapore, I decided to just concentrate on the jewellery line.

What makes your business unique?

Each piece is hand-made, therefore unique. The stones are sourced from Rajasthan and the designs inspired by my journeys: Wanderlust , Zanzibar, The Silk Road.... My clientes always tell me that they love my collections as they are so different from what is designed by other brands.

Bryan Wong