Strategic Advocacy Human Rights (SAHR)

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Women for Justice is Afghanistan’s first non-profit public interest law firm. We defend survivors of systematic and institutional human rights violations. We represent them before the courts, dispute-resolution committees, and UN bodies. We are also building the next generation of brave and spirited human rights lawyers and defenders of Afghanistan. We are female-founded and female-led.

SAHR is a network of human rights defenders. We empower survivors, womxn-at-risk and grassroots human rights defenders through innovative legal mentoring and advocacy. We demystify the justice process by breaking down the law and accompanying survivors on their journey to justice. We have supported lawyers and survivors from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan, Palestine, India, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Introduce yourself 

I’m Natasha! I am a human rights lawyer. I work with other lawyers to represent survivors in cases of torture, political persecution, and gender-based violence. I traveled first to Afghanistan alone at age 17 years old and since, dedicated my life to the country. The reason I live is for the beauty and resilience of the Afghan people. 

What inspired your business idea?

I am a creative lawyer. I work out of the box, bending rules, inviting myself into offices of judges and prosecutors to push for things that everyone else says “Impossible”! I started my organizations because I believed we got to do things differently if we really wanted to TRANSFORM things. So I brought together wild, inspiring go-getters to join me in my mission. 

What makes your business unique?

Afghanistan is one of the toughest places to fight for women’s rights. War, insecurity, corruption, the list goes on. Our work is unique because we make things possible in impossible situations - influencing laws, regulations, challenging discriminatory practices and ultimately, fighting for women’s basic right to live in dignity.

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