Women Inspiring Women

How far will you go to chase your dreams? Many women feel afraid to take that first step, or lack the courage or the self-confidence to start their own businesses. With “Igniting Dreams,” CRIB highlights Singapore women role models to show that it can be done and women have done it through an online and offline exhibition. The roving CRIB Women For Women exhibition will be displayed at Singapore Management University in December 2015, Raffles Hotel in January 2016, Nanyang Technological University in February 2016, Claymore Connect in March 2016 (with a special appearance at the Facebook HQ on March 8 International Womens’ Day), and the NTU Business Library in April 2016. Follow us to find out more about the latest CRIB events and exhibition locations.

  • 77th Street
    77th Street

    Elim Chew, President and Founder

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  • Art Loft Asia
    Art Loft Asia

    Qiuyan Tian, CEO and Co-Founder

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  • Banyan Tree
    Banyan Tree

    Claire Chiang, Senior Vice President, Banyan Tree Holdings

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  • Bengawan Solo
    Bengawan Solo

    Anastasia Liew, Managing Director and Founder

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  • Carrie K
    Carrie K

    Carolyn Kan, Founder and Designer

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  • Choo Yilin
    Choo Yilin

    CEO and Creative Director

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  • Gnossem

    Lisa Crosswhite, Founder and CEO

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  • Julia Gabriel Education
    Julia Gabriel Education

    Julia Gabriel, Founder and Director

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  • Motherswork

    Sharon Wong, Founder and CEO

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  • Mount Sapola
    Mount Sapola

    Cheryl Gan, Founder and Director

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  • Ong Shunmugam
    Ong Shunmugam

    Priscilla Shunmugam, Founder and Director

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  • Quintessentially

    Anastasia Ling, Managing Director

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  • Shermay Lee
    Shermay Lee

    Managing Director and Founder, Shermay's Cooking School, Provision Shop, Singapore Fine Food

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  • Skin Inc
    Skin Inc

    Sabrina Tan, Founder and CEO

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  • Soon Lee
    Soon Lee

    Sharon Cher, Managing and Creative Director

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