CRIB was formed to empower women of all ages and from all walks of life to be successful in creating a work-life balance that enhances their lifestyle, be it as an entrepreneur, a business manager or a creative entity. In tandem with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebration this year, CRIB is inspired to showcase women entrepreneurs from past and present generations who have been instrumental in shaping the business landscape for women in Singapore. Hence, the birth of the CRIB Women For Women Initiative in conjunction with SG50.

Through this initiative, CRIB upholds the age-old belief that women are resourceful beings with exceptional abilities to wear multiple hats, balancing their personal and professional life with equal aplomb. While these women were far and few in the past, modern women are testifying to the fact – that a woman can have it all – a work-life balance while maintaining her financial independence, retaining control and flexibility over her time and choices.  More women today are able to juggle the multiple responsibilities of motherhood and breadwinner with great success.

How can you get involved?

Read about these iconic women who have paved the way for us since the pioneering years and are today, powerhouses to be reckoned with in the business world.  Be inspired by their journey at the roving CRIB Exhibition.  Support both inspiring and aspiring women entrepreneurs by pledging at our crowdfunding campaign and celebrating with us at the inaugural CRIB Ball.  All funds raised will go towards strengthening programs and initiatives that empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

Join the Journey


    Get the inside scoop from these dynamic women on how they manage to have it all – the business, the family, the life balance. Discover key ingredients that will inspire your own success.


    Shop and support both current and aspiring women entrepreneurs in Singapore.


    Celebrate fearless women over a fantastical night – the inaugural CRIB Ball – where the power of imagination, vision and courage come together across generations of women entrepreneurs.


CRIB Women For Women would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our
amazing women entrepreneurs, volunteers, partners and sponsors.

W4W Exhibition Sponsors and Partners

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