CRIB Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based social enterprise which aims to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, matchmaking and business incubation.

We envision a society where women, particularly mothers, are able to achieve work-life balance – having a fulfilling career while making family a priority – and where women entrepreneurs are part of a vibrant community with a robust support ecosystem, enabling them to create successful businesses, especially enterprises which create a social impact.

Our mission is to empower women to obtain self-fulfillment and financial independence, build strong families, and benefit the economy and society at large, by helping them to start sustainable, socially-minded businesses.   Our long term goal is to successfully introduce CRIB to other countries, especially developing nations, where entrepreneurship significantly impacts the lives of women at the bottom of the pyramid – many of whom are the main (or even sole) breadwinners for their families.  We believe CRIB can give these enterprising women the opportunity, network and know-how to start viable, sustainable businesses as well.

We help women entrepreneurs by:

1. creating a community of like-minded women to form a support and business network,

2. providing invaluable guidance and advice from our experienced and successful CRIB mentors,

3. helping to obtain funding whether through government grants or private investors, and

4. providing a database of trusted business resources and services

We recognise the significant contribution that women provide to the economy and to society, and we benefit the economy by helping women develop viable businesses, creating jobs, and increasing productivity

We create a community of understanding employers who are mothers themselves and thus, provide greater work-life balance oriented employment opportunities for other women and mothers-to-be

We want to change the mindset of society as a whole:

1. to recognise the importance and strive towards the creation of work-life balance,

2. to view being an involved mother while contributing financially to the family and society as a viable option, and

3. to increase the willingness of women to start families

We aim to help the women in CRIB build strong, loving family relationships; and where possible, contribute to an increase in Singapore’s Total Fertility Rate aka more babies!

We support businesses that are conducted responsibly, ethically and morally. In choosing businesses to support, we will have a preference towards social enterprises

CRIB fulfills a societal need. We aim to create successful women entrepreneurs with profitable and sustainable businesses.   In so doing, we can help:

  • Individuals achieve fulfillment in their lives,
  • Strengthen families by providing mothers with work-life-balance, and
  • Benefit society by creating a positive mindset change, increasing economic output, introducing innovative businesses and social enterprises, and raising Singapore’s Total Fertility Rate

As a social impact business, CRIB endeavors to reinvest all returns towards sustaining and growing our operations, with a portion of finances channeled towards complementary social causes that benefit women entrepreneurs.

Dr. Elaine Kim

Elaine is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and travel journalist. She currently practises palliative care at HCA Hospice Care, and is a Partner of Trinity Bridal in Hong Kong and Trinity Gallery in Singapore. Within CRIB, Elaine co-founded and serves as a creative director for boutique event planning company Milk and Honey and co-founded Trehaus Co-Work, Singapore’s first co-working space with adjacent child-minding and enrichment facilities. Elaine is an ambassador for SNOW and has led awareness-building and fund-raising initiatives for causes that support patients with cancer, the terminally ill, and protect at-risk children from trafficking and abuse. She is married to venture capitalist John Kim and they have two young sons. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Angel.

Marilyn Lum

As the director of Lum Wen Kay Holdings, Marilyn manages investments in Singapore and China. She started her career in the hospitality and tourism industry, with over 5 years of experience in the front office, food and beverage and recreation department at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Marilyn is currently pursuing her doctorate in education and is an adjunct lecturer and curriculum developer for several hospitality management schools. She is also on the lifestyle committee of Singapore Island Country Club. She and her husband have a young son. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.

Tjin Lee

Tjin is Founder and CEO of the award-winning Mercury Group of companies comprising, Mercury Events, Mercury PR, Mercury Creative and Mercury M&C. She is also the Founder and Festival Director of the Audi Fashion Festival and a passionate entrepreneur with a directorship in nine local businesses, including Trehaus Co-Work, Curated Editions, Baby Style Icon and Wolfgang Violin Studio. Tjin is the recipient of the inaugural Singapore Tatler Young Achiever Leadership Award 2010, and Mercury has won numerous awards including the Singapore Tourism Board Experience Awards for Best Leisure Event for Audi Fashion Festival, and Best Exhibition for Blueprint. Tjin has two young sons. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Creative.

Mei Chee

Mei is the regional head of product marketing at a global technology company. Prior to that, she held various roles in portfolio and product management, research, marketing and strategy within the ICT industry. Mei is also passionate about how technology and social enterprises can impact lives and shape culture. She served as advisor to The Whiz Times, a digital media platform for 5-12 year olds, and co-founded a global microenterprise initiative while pursuing her MBA at the Harvard Business School. Mei and her husband have a son, and she shares her parenting journey at Finally Mama as a member of Singapore Mom Bloggers. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Divergent – a blend of Angel, Business Manager and Creative.