CRIB EQUIP provides expert resource, advice and support throughout your entrepreneurial journey

CRIB Equip is designed to support our members at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, from ideation to creation to expansion. CRIB Equip programs include workshops, mentoring and coaching, online classifieds, forums and preferred vendor listings specially curated for our members. If you are interested in CRIB Equip as a participant, partner or vendor, please contact

CRIB INCUBATOR enables eligible businesses
maximize their potential for success

Our CRIB Incubator programme will help founding entrepreneurs
of the most viable and exciting businesses to maximize their potential for success through:

  • Invaluable guidance from our panel of experts that includes established entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts, venture capitalists and angel investors, many of whom also serve as CRIB Mentors
  • Access to preferred vendors, such as co-working spaces, accounting, legal, marketing, design, web development
  • Access to sources of funding, from angel investment, crowdfunding, grants and venture capital financing